These people have nice things to say. Seems like an appropriate choice.

“His perspective and insight are unique, meticulously constructed and elegantly communicated…His creativity, attention to detail and strategic approach produce outcomes and impact any firm would be proud to claim.”

– Mike Mitchell,

VP of Digital Transformation, Hypergiant

“Working with Ross is an exceptional experience. Here is a guy who can intelligently navigate …incomprehensible industry data and complex corporate histories, and turn around an build an engaging, monumental and pivotal narrative that will leave you giving extreme consideration to something you didn't even know you wanted to know about.”

– Morgan Garritson

Dir. Project Management, Hypergiant

“Ross is a force of nature. ..He’s a talent that can play many roles without any effort. I’ve enjoyed very much my time working side-by-side with this very talented technology strategist.”

– John Fremont

Founder/ CSO, Hypergiant

“I’d walk into any room with RAM and know we could tackle whatever was thrown our way.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

– Will Womble

Founder & CEO, Umbrage

I didn’t pay a single one of these people, honest.

“(Ross) is one of those people whom you can't help but enjoy working alongside. His strategic thinking and narrative building around complex business problems made for countless successful engagements. He is a leader whom you will always find in the front lines looking for that hidden path to victory or the perfect pivot. With the liberal application of espresso, there is absolutely nothing that RAM can’t tackle.”

– Jonathan Strand

Chief Design Officer, Persefoni

Formerly Design Director, Hypergiant

“Professionally, Ross is driven, and results-oriented. Personally, he is a sharp wit, a kind heart, and completely candy-obsessed. I'd work with him or for him again in a second, and I'm sure anyone else would say the same.”

– Jennifer Spragg

Actor/Writer, spurn

“He is an excellent manager, both by modeling good work habits and by delivering exemplary work. Ross is someone I could always count on to understand, guide and manage a complex project.”

– Chris Stetson

Chief Infrastructure Officer, Apple

“I remember being most impressed - not by the fact that they were happy with our engagement - but that by challenging orthodoxy, clients actively listened when he spoke and held a lot of stock in what he said.”

– Alex Tapper

Head of  Strategy, Frogslayer

Former team member at Hypergiant

“Ross is one of those rare,  ever-present leaders that all organizations should seek to enlist…Ross can be trusted to do whatever it takes to meet and exceed project objectives and client expectations.”

– Mike Olive

Director, Business Development, Hypergiant

“Ross is amazing at capturing the excitement of a vision, while distilling it into an easy to understand, pragmatic strategy.”

– Julie McLagan,

Sr. Business Analyst, Hypergiant

“Ross is a lifesaver to have on a project.”

– Joshua Williams

Creative Director, RG/A

“The quality of his work is so exceptional, that I've used it as a reference for what can be accomplished in the field.”

– Michael Evans

Group Director, Product Management, 

Work & Co.


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