PROJECT: USPS Single Package Lookup (Eagle Eye)

CLIENT: United States Postal Service


COMPANY: Chaotic Moon/ Fjord

DATES: September 2015–September 2017


Efficiency Boost

“I had the pleasure of working with Ross during his time at Chaotic Moon on the Single Package Lookup project for the United States Postal Service. His approach in our first meeting was unorthodox, but effective. Not only did it get my attention but it was the out-of-the-box thinking that I was looking for. Ross stayed involved once the project kicked off and the solution was successfully implemented and deployed. Ross has a direct and candid approach that I appreciated. Too often consultants tell the clients what they want to hear instead of what the client needs to hear to be successful. I could always count on Ross to provide me the information that I needed to make the appropriate decision.  I look forward to working together some time in the future.”

– CLIFF RUCKER, SVP of Global Operations (Pitney Bowes); 

previously SVP of Sales and Customer Relations (USPS)

The Challenge

One of the more common tasks for Post Office employees is investigating the whereabouts of customers’ packages – a 23-minute affair for high-value corporate clients that may be performed multiple times every week. 

The Solution

Through the implementation of the Eagle Eye application, this process now moves 9.2 times faster than before. For context, saving a USPS employee 21.5 minutes 5 times a week would result in 155 days of available time across the length of an average employee’s tenure with the organization (40 years). Sometimes an experience improvement is extremely focused but also extremely meaningful, producing substantial benefits to those for whom it is created.


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