PROJECT:  Flanagan, AI-Driven Bartender


AUDIENCE: Bar Patrons, Cocktail Enthusiasts, Alcoholics

COMPANY: Hypergiant

DATES:  Oct 2017-Mar 2018

$150M in 

additional revenue

"At TGI Fridays, we are always looking to differentiate and innovate both inside and outside our restaurants…Working with the team from Hypergiant truly allowed us to create a one of kind experience for our guests by utilizing AI technology, combined with our world-class bartenders, to provide a completely new and innovative experience for our guests - one of a kind drinks specifically tailored to each individual guest. The partnership with Hypergiant has been a great example of utilizing new technologies with traditional practices to create something amazing and new."

– Sherif Mityas, Chief Experience Officer

TGI Fridays

TGI Friday’s wanted to encourage bar patrons to order a second (or third, or fourth) drink at their establishment. Fridays pioneered the singles bar concept, so the thirst for innovative new ways of gaining repeat customers was, for the company, very much in line with their legacy.

When Hypergiant recommended that TGI Friday’s explore artificial intelligence to address this challenge, they found it very easy to swallow. Moreover, since the solution still highlighted the talents of their stellar bar staff, it was clear that we had a winning concept.

The Client


The Solution

The unique experience HyperGiant developed attracts a more adventurous clientele who is looking for a personalized experience and is open to being a Cocktail Pioneer. Got a taste for cardamom and cinnamon? Try the Deconstructed Applejack Cardamom Bumfuzzle. In the mood for something fruitier? How about the Hyper-Vodka Pomegranate Sexytime. It features a simple interface because, well, even drunks need to use it. We ensured it aligned with the company’s brand voice and this machine-intelligence enabled mixologist furthers Fridays’ focus on the bartender as celebrity. It also highlights the innovative thinking within the organization while simultaneously celebrating its storied past.

While a customer is interacting with Flanagan, data is gathered using facial scanning and then anonymized to determine patron gender and age range. By leveraging this robust and future-forward experience, the restaurant can gather multitudinous new data points, learning more about their products and their food and beverage offerings in an effort to achieve the fabled “360º View of the Customer.” 

With an eye on national rollout in 2018, Flanagan will be incorporated into the TGIF mobile app with additional gamification, social sharing capabilities, and loyalty integration before extending a voice-enabled experience into the home.

TGI Fridays and Hypergiant: working together to bring adventure, surprise, and delight back to the traditional bar scene.

Thank God, it’s Flanagan.


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