PROJECT: MirAI Transformation

CLIENT: Sumitomo

AUDIENCE: Internal (Executives, VPs, Group Managers)

COMPANY: Hypergiant

DATES: July 2019–May 2020


the Business for the Next 100 Years

“My team and I had the opportunity to work with Ross across the length of the Sumitomo artificial intelligence transformation program (MirAI). 

He was deeply engaged with me and the Business Development Group Team and was dependably communicative, available, and hard-working. Throughout our collaboration, he had fostered a productive and meaningful relationship with Sumitomo Corporation of Americas and served consistently as a trusted advisor. 

- Jun Okawara,  General Manager/SVP

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas


Not Transformation

Sumitomo, one of the most venerable of the Japanese trading firms, decided to make bold changes for their centennial in order to position their subsidiary companies for success across the next 100 years. 

While much of the company was still in need of a comprehensive digital transformation, Sumitomo Corporation of the Americas and Hypergiant created the MirAI program to encapsulate both the digital transformation and pervasive artificial intelligence horizontal across the entire organization – including 11 verticals and hundreds of companies. Through education, collaboration, and countless hours of strategic attention across 10 months, the Hypergiant strategy team worked intimately with Sumitomo executives to ensure  that AI was woven into the fabric of the company and into the many products associated with this program.


• A.I.–driven Fleet Manager (SATCO)

• Digital Twin Reporting and Visualization Tool (B&L PipeCo)

• Natural Language Processing Document Triage  (WinChill)


• Predictive Inventory Manager (Tubular Products Vertical)


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