Seasoned strategist and thought leader with expertise in guiding teams through the full creative lifecycle, from ideation to delivery and beyond. 

• Pragmatic generalist who delivers valuable solutions to Fortune 1000 companies

• Thought leader in fields of innovation, product strategy, & emerging technologies 

• Gifted communicator able to distill complex concepts into comprehensible frameworks

• Chase

• National Assoc. of REALTORS

• Pizza Hut

• Half Price Books

• Restoration Hardware Contemporary Art

• Home Advisor


• Hertz

• Qiagen

• Microsoft

• GE Aviation

• Homeland Security

Chesapeake Energy

• Nestlé

• SCOA Subsidiaries

• Nestlé

• SCOA Subsidiaries


• History Channel

• Pizza Hut

• Target

• Express Scripts

• ExxonMobil

• Whole Foods

• Frontier Comm.

• TGI Fridays

• McLaren Racing

• Schlumberger


My team and I had the opportunity to work with Ross across the length of the Sumitomo artificial intelligence transformation program (MirAI). He was deeply engaged with me and the Business Development Group Team and was dependably communicative, available, and hard-working. Throughout our collaboration, he had fostered a productive and meaningful relationship with Sumitomo Corporation of Americas and served consistently as a trusted advisor.  

- Jun Okawara, General Manager/SVP

Sumitomo Corporation of Americas

“Ross led the Nestlé AI Vision and Strategy project on the Hypergiant side and continued to work with Nestlé for several months thereafter. He immediately established a workshop style that I would not see from other consultants. He matched levity with pointed consideration and we emerged from the first few days with a strong vision that would serve as our North Star going forward…It was very impressive output across a brief six-week engagement… productive. Ross is very insightful and would be an asset to any team.”

Patrick Guizetti, AI Program Manager, Head of IT Innovation, Consulting & Strategy


“I met Ross as part of my initial introduction to Hypergiant. Ross’ command of design thinking and facility with artificial intelligence applications was among the reasons that we engaged Hypergiant to collaborate on the WellTender application. He was intimately involved with every aspect of the project and was creative and open-minded throughout. Even when development activities hit a snag, Ross was quick to take ownership of the challenge and we were swiftly put back on track. He is a solid communicator and an excellent relationship-builder, although his approach is non-standard. We have maintained a friendly relationship since the conclusion of the project and I can recommend Ross without equivocation.”

– Kentaro Kawamori, CEO/Co-Founder (Persefoni); 

former Chief Digital Officer (Chesapeake Energy)

“Ross was instrumental in leading the initial strategic Discovery phase for Apollo Aviation in 2018 and he and his team subsequently led the Definition phase for the Apollo Enterprise Management System (AEMS) Gamma project. He was engaging, charismatic, thoughtful and 

appropriately challenging. He has strong convictions about the recommendations he makes, but is very open to different perspectives. He has an easy, relatable style that put stakeholders at all levels of the organization at ease and ready to speak candidly about our challenges.”

– Donal McGowan,  Vice President, Technical,

Carlyle Aviation Partners/ Apollo Aviation 

“I had the pleasure of working with Ross during his time at Chaotic Moon…His approach in our first meeting was unorthodox, but effective. Not only did it get my attention but it was the out-of-the-box thinking that I was looking for. Ross stayed involved once the project kicked off and the solution was successfully implemented and deployed. Ross has a direct and candid approach that I appreciated. Too often consultants tell the clients what they want to hear instead of what the client needs to hear to be successful. I could always count on Ross to provide me the information that I needed to make the appropriate decision…I look forward to working together some time in the future.”


– Cliff Rucker, SVP of Global Operations (Pitney Bowes)

previously SVP of Sales and Customer Relations (USPS)


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