PROJECT: Shell TapUp

CLIENT: Royal Dutch Shell

AUDIENCE: Individual Consumers and B2B Clients with Automotive Fleets

COMPANY: Hypergiant

DATES: July 2017–July 2018

In 2018, Hypergiant engaged with Royal Dutch Shell to create a mobile experience that provides on-demand fuel and vehicle service wherever you are. While there are competitors, Shell is the only major brand to roll into mobile fueling, a new source of revenue which has an estimated $500M total addressable market within the $44B US retail fuels market. The result is TapUp: Shell’s entry into the mobile fueling market and a proverbial “line in the sand” illustrating how Shell knows they can do more than just continue business as usual. The future of mobility looks bright with Shell. 

The TapUp platform helps make sure that you and your employees can focus on the things that really matter by returning to you the world’s most precious resource: your time.



One of the more onerous aspects of owning a vehicle is the constant need for fueling. It’s a task that would be forgettable if it weren’t so omnipresent; drivers squander a considerable amount of time each year gassing up in order to travel (thereby necessitating future fueling stops). But in this age of immediate gratification and an overall drive towards automation and process elimination, why do we have to stop what we are doing in order to carry on what we were doing? 

Hypergiant and Shell saw a way to change the conversation.

A New Revenue Source in a 

$500M Market


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