2nd Place , 2003 New Century Writer’s Awards

“The lead editor of the Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary struggles to communicate (despite his prodigious vocabulary) as he navigates the NYC dating scene. Hijinks ensue.”


“An elderly resident of a nursing home awakes to his past as a secret agent after hearing a coded message on Jeopardy and must assemble his past cohorts to uncover a new Russian threat and defeat his arch-nemesis: The Jackal. Hijinks ensue.”


“A building superintendent finds a portal to the multiverse in the boiler room  and must contend with growing problems within his building and parallel versions of himself as he struggles to correct the rift that now threatens the universe itself.  Hijinks ensue.”


(with Brian Konowal)

“Two college roommates purchase a nuclear bomb over the Internet and declare their apartment a sovereign nation. Hijinks ensue.”




“Murder on Layne Street Avenue”; “Don’t Trust Whitey”

Treatment & Series Bible

“Every week, a new pilot episode of a heretofore unseen show performed by the same actors, Pilot lampoons the tropes while undermining expectations of what a show could (or should) be.”


Treatment & Series Bible

After 66 damned souls escape hell during the once-a-millenia Day Off, a washed-up detective, crooked ex-cop, and hellbound brute must team up with The Devil himself to return the freed souls to their eternal punishment while trying to achieve salvation for himself.


(with Neil Turitz)

3 Episodes + Series Treatment

Comic Books

Belle, Book, and Kandel

(with Neil Turitz)

1 pencilled issue + Series Treatment

3 hapless immortal rivals - participants in some of the history’s most noteworthy events - unify to destroy civilization and gain vengeance on those who have wronged them across their many years on Earth. 

“Belle, Book, and Kandel: Ending the world since 8000 BCE.”

Camelot High

Series Treatment

The Horror

(with Neil Turitz)

Series Treatment

Karma, Inc.

(with Neil Turitz)

Series Treatment


(with Neil Turitz)

Series Treatment


(with Neil Turitz)

Series Treatment


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