PROJECT: Artificial Intelligence Vision & Strategy White Paper

CLIENT: Nestlé Global

AUDIENCE: Global Leadership, C-Suite

COMPANY: Hypergiant

DATES: June 2019-March 2020

Artificial Intelligence


“Ross led the Nestlé AI Vision and Strategy project on the Hypergiant side and continued to work with Nestlé for several months thereafter. He immediately established a workshop style that I would not see from other consultants. He matched levity with pointed consideration and we emerged from the first few days with a strong vision that would serve as our North Star going forward. He engaged in interviews with dozens of Nestlé employees around the world and captured many interesting insights…(He) and I also worked together on creating an AI History infographic and finalizing Nestlé’s ethical principles. Our working relationship was very positive and productive. Ross is very insightful and would be an asset to any team.

– Patrick Guizetti, Nestlé AI Program Manager,  

Head of IT Innovation, Consulting and Strategy

With new leadership atop the IT organization, one of the largest manufacturers of consumer packaged goods (CPG) saw the need to draw together the disparate groups within the organization who were already pursuing artificial intelligence-driven products. The Hypergiant Strategy group joined Nestlé at their global headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland for several days of workshops, lectures, and intense collaboration.

We engaged with leaders across the organization in every major world market to understand the current corporate efforts and how a unified program for the entire company would serve Nestlé’s ambitions.

Over six weeks, Hypergiant Strategy produced an 88-page white paper for the IT group that established a game plan for rolling out artificial intelligence in a way that is inspiring, valuable, and inclusive. The output included a massive amount of educational material, comprehensive tactical plans, and frameworks for global Centers of Excellence and a unified approach to governance. 

At the conclusion of that phase, I remained involved with Nestlé in order to produce a serialized version of the paper for internal distribution and a streamlined white paper for executive participants in the global summit. I also collaborated with the Innovation group in establishing global guidance around AI ethics in order to guide the rollout of new future-forward products. 


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